Low level read memory address

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Keyword type Command
Parallel list processing capabilities Group 2 Commands that must use DOLIST to parallel process
Affected by flags None


The POKE command writes a 32-bit value to a specified address.


POKE is specific to newRPL and has no direct equivalent in userRPL.


POKE is low-level command which isn't meant for the general public, but mainly to aid the developers on hardware debugging. Careless usage will either cause a crash (data abort exception), or corrupt your precious data.

Related Commands

Time, Alarms and System Commands 28 1 NEW

Command Short Description
→DATE Set current system date in MM.DDYYYY
DATE+ Add days to a date in MM.DDYYYY
→TIME Set current time as HH.MMSS
→HMS Convert decimal time to HH.MMSS
HMS→ Convert time in HH.MMSS to decimal
HMS+ Add time in HH.MMSS format
HMS- Subtract time in HH.MMSS format
TICKS Return system clock in microseconds CHANGED
TEVAL Perform EVAL and measure elapsed time CHANGED
DATE Current system date as MM.DDYYYY
DDAYS Number of days between dates in MM.DDYYYY
TIME Current time in HH.MMSS
ACK Acknowledge oldest alarm (dismiss)
ACKALL Acknowledge (dismiss) all alarms
RCLALARM Recall specified alarm
STOALARM Create a new alarm
DELALARM Delete an existing alarm
FINDALARM Get first alarm due after the given time
VERSION Get newRPL version string
MEM Get available memory in bytes
BYTES Size of an object in bytes and CRC32 CHANGED
PEEK Low-level read memory address CHANGED
POKE Low level write to memory address CHANGED
NEWOB Make a new copy of the given object
GARBAGE Force a garbage collection NEW
OFF Turn calculator off programmatically
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