Contributing to the wiki

This wiki is an ongoing effort by a group of enthusiasts, and while is not open to the public, if you consider yourself an enthusiast and think you can contribute, feel free to contact the author of newRPL via email to request access (for email address, use as the domain, and the first name as the user).

The wiki uses the DokuWiki engine. Some useful resources are:

For mathematical formulas, this wiki uses the MathJax engine.

  • Wiki articles should use heading level 2 as the highest (for section titles, level 2 has 5 equal signs);
  • each section with a level 2 title needs to be separated with ---- in a newline. This allows the automatic table of contents to kick in, and allows editing sections individually;
  • variables, commands, objects or anything that is presented as shown on the calculator screen, should be enclosed in two single quotes, i.e. use ''VAR'' to display VAR. For example: “Variable X is assigned the list { 1 2 3 }.”
  • newRPL code needs to be included in <code></code> markers;
  • key press conventions are summarized in chapter 1 under Notations and conventions.

General article guidelines

  • Write as if you are writing a book, not as if you are writing an email (impersonal, detached from the subject);
  • For RPL code samples, use the proper Unicode characters. In normal text, the wiki engine will replace << -> >> with « » but not inside a code block, so it's best to directly insert the proper symbol. There's a toolbar in the editor with most symbols used in the RPL language;
  • Don't cite forum posts or articles, those are considered “internal” to the project; only include citations of third-party websites where appropriate.
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