The keyboard has 3 distinct areas:

  • Soft menu keys
  • Commands and functions area
  • Calculator pad

There's also 3 shift keys: Left Shift (arrow pointing to the left, from here on referred to as LS), Right Shift (arrow pointing right, from here on referred to as RS), and Alpha (from here on referred to as AL). Each shift activates different actions on the keys (typically painted the same color as the shift). AL enables alphanumeric mode in which text can be typed on the keyboard. Most keys have various letters and symbols associated to them in alphanumeric mode, depending on the shifts.

The top 6 keys (A through F) operate on the corresponding item on the top row of the on-screen menu (Menu 1). The 6 keys G through L operate on the second and third rows of the menu (Menu 2). Hint: the position of the items on the screen resembles the position of the keys on the keyboard.

There are 3 rows of keys with various functions. Most keys work just as expected per the functions painted on them. Some keys have a new behavior, however. Some of the most important keys are M, which has the STO/RCL functions relocated since the K key is now part of the Menu 2 keys, and the P key which presents the Main Menu on the currently active menu (see Working with the menus).

These keys work for the most part as expected and are used mostly during numerical calculations.

The left or right shift modes can be activated with a single press of the corresponding shift key. An annunciator at the top of the screen will confirm the shift mode is activated. Pressing the shift key again will deactivate the shift mode without taking any action. Any other key pressed while in shift mode will perform a shifted function. If the shift key is pressed and held while pressing another key, a shift-hold function will be activated. Many keys have the shift-hold function and shift functions defined the same (for fast typing), others have their own specific actions on shift-hold. Shift-hold actions are in general not printed on the keyboard. The shift mode will end automatically after an action has been taken, be it shift-hold or simply a shifted action.

Pressing AL key once will enable alphanumeric mode and the alpha annunciator icon will appear on top of the screen. To disable alphanumeric mode, press the alpha key twice. When in alphanumeric mode, the keys will work as per the letters painted in the front, numbers and symbols will work as expected, and a multitude of other symbols and greek letters wiil be activated with the various shift and shift-hold combinations. Much like shifts, AL can be pressed and held while pressing other keys. This alpha-hold action works as a temporary alphanumeric mode: the actions of the keys will be the same as in alphanumeric mode, but the mode will end as soon as the alpha key is released.

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