Welcome to newRPL!

This chapter will introduce you to what newRPL is and how to install it on your HP50g, HP39g+, HP39gs or HP40gs.

A brief introduction to RPL quickly presents userRPL, the predecessor of newRPL installed on almost Saturn or ARM HP calculator.

Introduction to newRPL is a brief presentation of newRPL features: you'll have a quick glance of what newRPL can do and how it re-implements the concepts at the core of userRPL taking advantage of the ARM processor's superior speed and power.

Installing newRPL instructs you how to install newRPL or restore userRPL on your calculator.

Notation and conventions presents the conventions used in the following of this manual.

Building newRPL from source code shows how to prepare a development enviornment in case one might want to build newRPL, newRPL Desktop or a support tool from scratch.

USB communications setup deals with the configuration of the PC operating system in order to ensure the calculator is correctly recognized as an USB device able to communicate with a host computer.

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