newRPL display interface

The newRPL display interface is similar to that of the stock HP 50g ROM in that the top ~65% of the display is the stack area (levels 1 through 7), followed by a row of soft menus. A new feature of newRPL is two separate sets of soft menus. The top set of soft menus (Menu 1) spans the width of the display. The second set of soft menus (Menu 2) occupies two lines on the lower left of the screen.

The angle indicator displays the current angle mode of the calculator. In the figure, the calculator is in degree mode. Other mods are radians, grads and degrees / minutes / seconds. The angle mode can be changed using the commands DEG (to degrees), GRAD (to grads), RAD (to radians) and DMS (to degrees / minutes / seconds).

If complex mode is set (flag -103), a C annunciator is shown in the display.

The flag indicators show the first six user flags (out of 128 total possible). They are arranged as flags 1 through 3 on the top row and 4 through 6 on the bottom row. So, for example, setting flag 3 is accomplished by 3 SF, and clearing the flag by 3 CF. The figure shows flag indicators 1 and 5 set, but 2, 3, 4, and 6 cleared.

To the right of the flag indicators is the SD card indicator. If a standard SD card is inserted, SD is shown. If a SDHC card is inserted, HC is shown. This indicator can be absent (no card inserted) or displayed in different ways:

  • grey: card inserted but not mounted, as shown in the figure;
  • black: card mounted, can be safely removed;
  • inverse black: card mounted and write pending, not safe to remove - after 3 seconds wait with no write it reverts to black;
  • inverse grey: open files but all writes complete - safe to remove card after closing files.

The instruction completion region of the display offers the extremely useful feature of suggesting instructions during typing. For example, if a K is typed, the command KEY pops up first; as more letters are typed, a new suggestion may appear. Once a suggested instruction appears, all the possible instructions that match the letters typed thus far can be scrolled through using AL-{UP/DN}. Instruction selection can be made with AL-RT.

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