Operations with Matrices and vectors 67 2 NEW

Command Short Description
→ARRY Assemble an array from its elements
ARRY→ Split an array into its elements
→COL Split an array into column vectors
COL+ Instert a column into an array
COL- Remove a column from an array
COL→ Assemble a matrix from its columns
→DIAG Extract diagonal elements from a matrix
DIAG→ Create a matrix with the given diagonal elements
→ROW Split an array into its row vectors
ROW+ Insert a row into an array
ROW- Remove a row from an array
ROW→ Assemble an array from its rows
→V2 Assemble a vector from two values
→V3 Assemble a vector from three values
V→ Split a vector into its elements
AXL Convert a matrix to list and vice versa
BASIS Find vectors forming a basis of the subspace represented by the matrix
CHOLESKY Perform Cholesky decomposition on a matrix
CNRM Column norm (one norm) of a matrix
CON Assemble an array with given constant value
COND Column norm condition number of a matrix
CROSS Cross produce of vectors
CSWP Swap two columns in a matrix
DET Determinant of a matrix
DOT Internal product (dot product) of vectors
EGVL Compute the eigenvalues of a matrix
HADAMARD Multiply corresponding elements in a matrix
HILBERT Assemble a Hilbert symbolic array
IBASIS Find a basis of the intersection of two vector spaces
IDN Assemble an identity matrix
IMAGE Find a basis of the image of a linear application
KER Find a basis for the kernel of a linear application
LU LU factorization of a matrix
PMINI Minimal polynomial of a matrix
QR QR Decomposition of a matrix
RANK Rank of a matrix
RANM Assemble a matrix with random numbers
RCI Multiply a row by a constant
RCIJ Multiply a row by a constant and add to other row
RDM Change dimensions of an array
REF Reduce matrix to echelon form (upper triangular form)
RNRM Row norm (infinity norm) of a matrix
RREF Fully reduce to row-reduced echelon form
RSD Residual R=B-A*X' on a system A*X=B
RSWP Swap two rows in a matrix
TRACE Sum of the items in the diagonal of a matrix
TRAN Transpose a matrix
TRN Complex conjugate transpose of a matrix
LDUP Decompose A into LDUP such that P*A=L*D-1*U NEW
MMAP Apply expression or program to the elements of a matrix NEW
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