Do a procedure on a subset of a list

Stack Diagram

Input Stack Output Stack
Ldata In Pexec Lresults
Ldata In Nexec Lresults
Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1


Keyword type Command
Parallel list processing capabilities Group 2 Commands that must use DOLIST to parallel process
Affected by flags None


The DOSUBS command EVALuates a specified program (or a variable which contains one) to groups of elements in a list.

The first iteration uses elements 1 through In from the list; the second iteration uses elements 2 through In + 1; and so on. In general, the m-th iteration uses the elements from the list corresponding to positions m through m + In – 1.

During an iteration, the position of the first element used in that iteration is available to the user using the local variable NSUB, and the number of groups of elements is available using the local variable ENDSUB.

DOSUBS is nominally designed for Pexec (or Nexec) requiring In arguments and returning one result.


DOSUBS is not fully equivalent to its userRPL counterpart.

In particular:

  • in userRPL the number of arguments can be omitted under certain conditions; in newRPL it must be always specified;
  • in userRPL NSUB and ENDSUBS are commands; in newRPL they are local variables;
  • the program launched by DOSUBS operates in a protected stack environment: no elements present on the stack before DOSUBS is launched can be reached or altered.



{ 1 2 3 4 5 }
« → a b
  « CASE
      'a+b' EVAL


1:                           { 1 5 7 5 }

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