Variables and directories 33 12 NEW

Command Short Description
STO Store an object into a variable CHANGED
RCL Recall the contents of a variable CHANGED
STO+ Add to the content of a variable
STO- Subtract from the contents of a variable
STO* Multiply contents of a variable
STO/ Divide the content of a variable
SINV Invert the content of a variable
SNEG Change sign (negate) the content of a variable
SCONJ Complex conjugate the contents of a variable
INCR Add one to the content of a variable
DECR Subtract one from content of a variable
PURGE Delete a variable
CRDIR Create new directory
PGDIR Purge entire directory tree
UPDIR Change current directory to its parent
HOME Change current directory to HOME
PATH Get a path to the current directory
VARS List all visible variables in a directory
ALLVARS List all variables in a directory NEW
ORDER Sort variables in a directory
QUOTEID Add single quotes to a variable name NEW
UNQUOTEID Remove single quotes from a variable name NEW
HIDEVAR Hide a variable (make invisible) NEW
UNHIDEVAR Make a hidden variable visible NEW
CLVAR Purge all variables and empty subdirectories in current directory
LOCKVAR Make variable read-only NEW
UNLOCKVAR Make variable read/write NEW
RENAME Change the name of a variable NEW
TVARS List variables of a specific type CHANGED
TVARSE List all variables with extended type information NEW
SADD Apply command ADD to the stored contents of the variable NEW
SPROP Store a property to a variable NEW
RPROP Recall a property of a variable NEW
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