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Key references

The HP50g has a total of 51 keys on the keyboard, most of which have multiple functions that can be activated with a modifier key (left shift, right shift, or ALPHA). In this document, the following conventions are used when referring to various key press combinations:

  • Keys are typeset in bold
  • The majority of keys will be referred to by their alphanumeric label (A through Z).
  • Number keys are referred to by their number (1, 2, 3, etc.), and similarly for the basic arithmetic operations of x, -, +.
  • Special keys with long names are: ALPHA, ON, and ENTER.
  • The keypad arrow keys are referred to by: LA = left keypad arrow, RA = right keypad arrow, UA = up keypad arrow, DA = down keypad arrow.
  • The shifted keys are LS = left shift and RS = right shift.
  • The backspace key (also labeled 'DEL' and 'CLEAR') is BS.

In order to reference a series of keys to be pressed in succession, a dash (-) will separate the keys. Furthermore, since some key combinations require holding a key while pressing another, this is denoted by a superscript hold.

Here are some example key combinations:

LS-N = left shift key followed by the 'N' key, which on the keyboard refers to the 'PRG' menu,

RShold-A = while holding right shift key, press the 'A' key,

Command references

RPL code references

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