Transcendental functions 21 1 NEW

Command Short Description
SIN Compute the sine
COS Compute the cosine
TAN Compute the tangent
ASIN Compute the arcsine
ACOS Compute the arccosine
ATAN Compute the arctangent
ATAN2 Compute arctangent(y/x)
LN Compute natural logarithm
EXP Compute exponential function
SINH Compute the hyperbolic sine
COSH Compute the hyperbolic cosine
TANH Compute the hyperbolic tangent
ASINH Compute the hyperbolic arcsine
ACOSH Compute the hyperbolic arccosine
ATANH Compute the hyperbolic arctangent
LOG Compute logarithm in base 10
ALOG Compute anti-logarithm in base 10
Compute the square root
EXPM Compute exp(x)-1
LNP1 Compute ln(x+1)
π0 Numeric constant π with twice the current system precision NEW
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