SD Card 33 NEW

Command Short Description
SDRESET Reset the file system module NEW
SDSETPART Set active partition NEW
SDSTO Store a an object into a file NEW
SDRCL Recall an object from a file NEW
SDCHDIR Change current directory NEW
SDUPDIR Change to parent directory NEW
SDCRDIR Create a new directory NEW
SDPGDIR Delete an entire directory NEW
SDPURGE Delete a file NEW
SDOPENRD Open a file for read-only operation NEW
SDOPENWR Open a file for writing NEW
SDOPENAPP Open a file in append mode NEW
SDOPENMOD Open a file in modify mode NEW
SDCLOSE Close an open file NEW
SDREADTEXT Read text from an open file (UTF-8 encoding) NEW
SDWRITETEXT Write text to a file (UTF-8 encoding) NEW
SDREADLINE Read one line of text from a file NEW
SDSEEKSTA Move position to given offset from start of file NEW
SDSEEKEND Move position to given offset from end of file NEW
SDSEEKCUR Move position to given offset from the current point. NEW
SDTELL Get the current position NEW
SDFILESIZE Get the file size in bytes NEW
SDEOF Return true if last operation reached end of file NEW
SDOPENDIR Open a directory to scan entries NEW
SDNEXTFILE Get the next entry in a directory that is a file NEW
SDNEXTDIR Get the next entry in a directory that is a subdirectory NEW
SDNEXTENTRY Get the next entry in a directory NEW
SDMOVE Move or rename a file NEW
SDCOPY Copy a file NEW
SDPATH Get the path to current directory NEW
SDFREE Get the free space in the current volume NEW
SDARCHIVE Create a full calculator backup on a file NEW
SDRESTORE Restore from a backup stored in a file NEW
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