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   * **Program**:​ ''​XEQ''​ //enters// each object in the program:   * **Program**:​ ''​XEQ''​ //enters// each object in the program:
-    - an [[manual:​chapter6:​dirs:​cmd_unquoteid|unquoted]] __Name__ is evaluated;+    - an [[manual:​chapter6:​dirs:​cmd_unquoteid|unquoted]] __Name__ is ''​[[manual:​chapter6:​operators:​cmd_ovr_eval|EVAL]]''​uated;
     - a __Keyword__ is ''​XEQ''​ted;​     - a __Keyword__ is ''​XEQ''​ted;​
     - __other objects__ are put on the stack.     - __other objects__ are put on the stack.
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 will perform the following steps: will perform the following steps:
   - ''​%%'​16'​%%''​ (a //symbolic expression//​) is put on the stack;   - ''​%%'​16'​%%''​ (a //symbolic expression//​) is put on the stack;
-  - ''​[[manual:​chapter6:​transcendentals:​cmd_sqrt|√]]''​ (a //​keyword//​) is ''​[[manual:​chapter6:​operators:​cmd_ovr_xeq|XEQ]]''​ted.+  - ''​[[manual:​chapter6:​transcendentals:​cmd_sqrt|√]]''​ (a //​keyword//​) is ''​XEQ''​ted.
 Resulting in Resulting in
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