Overloadable operators 26 3 NEW

Operator Short Description
Evaluation operators:
EVAL1 Evaluate one level NEW
EVAL Evaluate full depth
XEQ Execute NEW
→NUM Compute numeric result
Test operators:
== Equality test
Not equal test
< Less than test
Less than or equal test
> Greater than test
Greater than or equal test
CMP Comparison test (<0 if A<B, 0 if A==B, >0 if A>B) NEW
SAME Comparison test, true if objects are the same
ISTRUE True test NEW
Logical operators:
AND Logical AND
OR Logical OR
XOR Logical XOR
NOT Logical NOT
Mathematic operators:
+ Addition
- Subtraction
* Multiplication
/ Division
^ Power
INV Inverse
NEG Negate/change sign
ABS Magnitude or absolute value
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