Operations with Lists 15 2 NEW

Command Short Description
→LIST Assemble a list from its elements
LIST→ Split a list into its elements
DOLIST Do a procedure with elements of lists CHANGED
DOSUBS Do a procedure on a subset of a list CHANGED
MAP Do a procedure on each element of a list, recursively
MAPLIST→ Do a procedure on each element recursively, return individual elements NEW
STREAM Do a procedure on consecutive elements of a list
ΔLIST First differences on the elements of a list
ΣLIST Sum of all elements in a list CHANGED
ΠLIST Product of all elements in a list CHANGED
ADD Concatenate lists and/or elements CHANGED
SORT Sort elements in a list
REVLIST Reverse the order of elements in a list
ADDROT Add elements to a list, keep only the last N elements NEW
SEQ Assemble a list from results of sequential procedure
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