Errors and error handlers 17 7 NEW

Command Short Description
EXITRPL Panic exit - abort the RPL engine. NEW
EVAL1NEXT Perform EVAL1 on the next object in a secondary and skips it NEW
RESUME End error handler and resume execution of main program NEW
DOERR Issue an error condition CHANGED
ERRN Recall the previous error code CHANGED
ERRM Recall the previous error message CHANGED
ERR0 Clear previous error code
HALT Halt the execution of RPL code
CONT Continue execution of a halted program
SST Single-step through a halted program, skip over subroutines
SST↓ Single-step through a halted program, goes into subroutines
KILL Terminate a halted program
SETBKPOINT Set a breakpoint on a halted program NEW
CLRBKPOINT Remove a breakpoint NEW
DBUG Halt the given program at the first instruction for debugging
BLAMEERR Issue an error condition, blame other program for it NEW
EXIT Early exit from the current program or loop NEW
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