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-=====Notations ​and conventions=====+=====Notation ​and conventions=====
 +The HP50g has a total of 51 keys, most of which have multiple functions that can be activated with a modifier key (left shift, right shift, or ALPHA). ​ In this document, the following conventions are used when referring to various key press combinations:​
 +  * keys are typeset in **bold**;
 +  * the majority of keys will be referred to by their alphanumeric label (**A** through **Z**), unless it makes sense by context to refer to another label on the key (for example, when referring to trigonometric functions, the **S**, **T**, and **U** keys may be referred to by their function names **SIN**, **COS**, and **TAN**, respectively);​
 +  * number keys are referred to by their number (**0** through **9** and the decimal dot, **DOT**);
 +  * the basic arithmetic keys are referred to as: **DIV** = divide (also **Z**), **MUL** = multiply, **SUB** = subtraction,​ **ADD** = addition;
 +  * the special keys: **AL** (ALPHA), **ON**, **SP** (SPC), and **EN** (ENTER);
 +  * the keypad arrow keys are referred to by: **LF** = left keypad arrow, **RT** = right keypad arrow, **UP** = up keypad arrow, **DN** = down keypad arrow;
 +  * the shifted keys are **LS** = left shift and **RS** = right shift;
 +  * the backspace key (also labeled **DEL** and **CLEAR**) is **BK**.
 +In order to reference a series of keys to be pressed in succession, a dash (**-**) will separate the keys. Furthermore,​ since some key combinations require holding a key while pressing another, this action is denoted by a superscript <​sup>​**hold**</​sup>​.
 +Here are some example key combinations:​
 +**LS-N** = left shift key followed by the **N** key, which on the keyboard refers to the **PRG** menu.
 +**RS<​sup>​hold</​sup>​-A** = while holding right shift key, press the **A** key.
 +**ON<​sup>​hold</​sup>​-A<​sup>​hold</​sup>​-C** = press and hold the **ON** key, then press and hold the **A** key, and finally press the **C** key.
 +====Variables,​ Commands, and other Objects====
 +Variables, commands, objects or anything that is presented "as shown on the calculator screen",​ are highlighted in red, like this: ''​VAR''​.
 +====RPL code====
 +Reverse Polish List (RPL) code on the HP50g is understood as such when enclosed using the chevrons ''​« »''​. ​ Within this document, all such code examples are highlighted. ​ So, for example, a RPL program to multiply the two numbers 24 and 42 would be shown like this:
 +« 24 42 * »
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